Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:


// Praises for the 62 volunteers who spent their Saturday volunteering for the Hearts and Hammers event! [Way to go, guys!!!]

// Thank you for organizing the Hearts and Hammers Day. Awesome Day! A lot of work with Great group of people! Thank you!

// Thank you for sharing your beautiful voices, worship team!

// Thank you for the worshipful opening set. Great message, thank you Tim. Loved closing song!

// Great job with music!

// Loved the music. The solo was so awesome.

// Thank you for your prayers!

// I loved your message, Tim.

// Thank you to Five Oaks for accommodating our extended family for a funeral Friday. A perfect setting for a gloriously God honoring service.

// 33 years today I dedicated my life to Christ. My life was forever changed. Loved the worship song this morning “All I am is yours…” brought tears to my eyes. [Happy anniversary!]

// The Connected Families technology seminar was/is a perfect resource for our families!

// Worship spirit filled! Mad Libs very encouraging, Tim! Thanks!