10 Tweets & Weekend Comments

Hi Five Oakers, Complicated

Here are the 10 Tweets for last weekend's sermon on Genesis 45-46 in The Gospel According to Joseph series:

1// Change = Move beyond forgetting to forgiving, failed to forgiven and famished to favored.

2// You can forgive the more you focus on the longer narrative of God’s plan.

3// When it comes to relationship with God, we are ALWAYS Judah in this story.

4// Duguid: Where could Joseph’s brothers look for assurance of forgiveness? Surely the assurance was in the complicated plan of their salvation

5// Assurance of our forgiveness: "...the Father points us back to his complex plan of salvation." (Duguid)

6// The famine to favored story of Joseph’s family points forward to our own famished to favored story.

7// We have a famished to favored story because Jesus has a favored to famished story.His body was broken for you. His blood was shed for you.

8// 2 Cor 8:9 …though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich.

9// U were famished: lost in sin, in bondage to sin, separated from God, on the road to nowhere, bereft of anything that will last into eternity

10// U r favored: U belong to him, adopted, forgiven, eternal life and rewards, part of his mission, enjoy his presence now and forever.

Here are the comments from the weekend Communication Cards:

// Really like the subdued opening worship with Tim’s story of the prodigal son. Nice transition to final song of opening set. Karen and I love the new wooden backdrop on the stage. Terrific message. Terrific message Henry. Loved the series on Joseph.

// Dan, you always set the path to the sermon! Music wonderful, sermon awesome! Tim’s intro to message summed up and set up the service. [So true on Dan and Tim's work.]

// Love, love, love backdrop!

// Thanks for the parenting worship, we plan to be there. [I hope every parent is there. It's going to be great.]

// Lovely backdrop on the stage.

// I’ve learned not to send the cover-to-cover paper in until after the message. No matter who preaches, I get more thoughts. (From last spring and now this term). Thanks! 46:3-4 plus more.

// Light station? Must be being renovated? Great message. [It'll be back on the first weekend of the Acts series.]

//  Loved Friend of Sinners. Powerful reminder of who I am and who Christ is. Thanks for sharing your song and your heart with us Dan! I am blessed.  [Friend of Sinners is a Dan Lukas original!]