10 Tweets & GLS Highlight Video

"Everybody > Somebody," Acts 6:1-7

Highlight Video from the GLS Conference

1// The church is a volunteer intensive organization...people who know there is no greater satisfaction than being with God on mission.

2// A day came for the church when, because of opportunities and needs, they had to formalize aspects of ministry. That day was recorded in Acts 6.

3// Growth comes with challenges. Enjoy the journey.

4// There are no small parts. All roles are spiritual.

5// Patrick Lencioni: I'm tired of people talking about servant leadership. I don't know of any other kind."

6// Maybe you were chairman @ your last church or run a division… If you won’t take up a towel, you’re not qualified to lead in the church

7// Everybody has a calling and a community contribution. Stephen and Philip's callings were preaching & evangelism but also served tables

8// You will stall if you don't serve. You are hard-wired (Eph 2:10) and gifted (Rom 12:4-6) for service.

9// The more you “put in” to your church, the more you “get out” of your church.

10// Serving tables spreads salvation. "She told me she'll never forget 'that guy' because she felt like an angel was reaching out to her."