Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Lois and I vacationed last week in the Black Hills of South Dakota. What a beautiful place. And what a refreshing and restful experience filled with conversation, hikes, reading, bike rides and some fly fishing.

Looking across the valley at Harney Peak.

Guest Cards

Here is a comment received back on the card we send first-time guests:

// 6-30 We were wowed by the sermon!  Loved the meat, biblical focus & not “fluffy”.  This is very important to us.  Music was great although slightly too loud.  Communion was different than what we are used to, but ok.

Communication Cards

Here are the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:

// Amy’s song gorgeous! Good to see you again Dan.

// Wonderful worshipful service.

// Thanks, praise and forever may our God be glorified!

// Bravo on bringing home the Jeff [Vanderstelt] video from Challenge. Great message.  [If you missed the weekend, we showed one of the talks that our youth experienced at the Challenge conference. I love that we were able to do this and that our students experienced this all week. I've never met Jeff Vanderstelt, but he was one of my biggest influences leading me to develop the Story of God book and course.]

// Good video message. Good timing from Challenge.

// Great to be back from vacation. Nice worship, loved the Challenge speaker. Glad you did “Story of God."

// Thanks for the old hymn. It made me cry, it was so beautiful!

// Amen.

// Would love to hear more hymns in the worship songs.

Blessings, Pastor Henry