Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:

// My first time, like progressive approach to worship from conventional methods. It’s energetic and fresh, casual. [Great meeting you at 10-Minute Connect.]

// We are so blessed to be with our Five Oaks family today! Thank you for your sincere and faithful partnership in the gospel.  Russ & Di Zimmerman [Great seeing you guys and your girls. The video was inspiring. Thanks for what you're doing to reach international students across the U.S.] 

// Beautiful message today, Henry!

// What an encouraging message! I feel I had the “listen up and remember reality” talk...

// Fantastic Henry. So easily understood. Loved definition of hope with confident. And lights really nice.

// Great praise and reflection music! [I agree. Very soulful.]

// Please transform us in the way you see fit. Amen. Thank you Pastor Henry – you have given hope.

// Welcome back Pastor! Thank you for going to Cuba.

// Awesome worship time!

// Woo!

Blessings, Pastor Henry