Tuesday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are most of the comments from Communication Cards from the weekend:

Spiders web // I love and use the Prayer Web.  Thanks for bringing it back!

// Family worship would be a great time to integrate past VBS music.  It would bring a level of comfort to the children, that their worship can be done by grownups, too.  Many of the songs are off the radio.  It wouldn’t be a stretch and the band could play it. J  Shouldn’t it be different, or is the point to show what “big” church is like?  [Good idea. It's an idea that is still being developed (i.e., what we want it to be) so your ideas are helpful. Thanks.]

// Great job worship team, sounded great! [Way to go, Libby and team!]

// Worship team, oh my awesomeness!  I loved great worship time!

// Thanks Tim!  Great message.  It was cold today!?  Thanks.  [I agree. Great teaching, Tim.]

// Bizarre to me, that only reference to Memorial Day is a ‘picnic’. [It wasn't the only reference but we spoke of it less than we have some years. Thanks for the feedback.]

// Great job Tim – explaining son/heir and how we come to that understanding and relationship.  Love this series.

Blessings to you, Pastor Henry