Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:


// Just wanted to say how awesome it was today to hear “God’s Not Dead” the lead singer nailed it. I’m a lifelong music fanatic – and that gave me goose bumps – really amazing!  [I agree. So well done.]

// Thank you Henry for a great lesson!

// Henry – one of your best messages ever.

// A very freeing message today my small group lived this out for me this winter when I could only withdraw....

// Great acoustic and special effects behind Tim’s prayer. Very moving. Wonderful praise and music, again as usual.

// Nathan and Libby amazing job on “Oh God”. I absolutely loved it, such passion in your worship. Thank you. [So true!]

// Great message and worship! Praise God!

// Awesome, appropriate, application. Triple “A: message today. Thank you.

// Could we consider offering the “Story of God” for families – or for children – middle school? [We may be offering it every year for pre-teens starting next year, but offering it for families is a great idea. It will need to be developed.]