Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards:

Life of Cassem (32-33, appendix)

// Tim, thank you for your authoritative message and for speaking directly into our lives. Jesus is our cure! Praise God! Thank you worship team, wonderful! [I completely agree!]

// Great job Tim!

// I really needed to hear this message. I have a tendency to run back to the law when I sin instead of running back to Christ. No wonder I continue to struggle with the same issues over and over again. Christ alone is my cure. Only He can make me new.

// Diagnosis and cure!

// Tim, thank you so much for the message today. You helped me understand it so much better. Great service! Worship team – awesome!

// Great message! Thanks, Tim. Jesus will save us. Run to him and not the law!

// Love Tim’s message!

// Thanks Tim for talking on “Remembering the Poor.” That is the Gospel in action. The Bible speaks on this topic more than any other. I, and the church, can do so much better putting this into action.

// I appreciate the diagnostic analogy. I do worry that and see believers ignoring the diagnostic, using Christ’s grace as the “pass” to continue “undiagnosed”. As scripture says, “trampling the blood of Christ underfoot.”

// I just love Libby’s voice, spirit and heart for worship. Tim this church continues to be blessed by you and your God given talents. Bless you, great message! So well-constructed. Loved – the law is the diagnostic; Jesus is the cure. Loved the duet in harmony, beautiful! Great job Nathan. Loved, loved closing song. Great guitar too Nate, piano, drums, everything!

// Thank you for the reminder that there is nothing I can do without Christ to save me. My ‘to-do’ list will never do it. I can’t heal myself. Also, I expected Tim to start dancing ala ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ when he said tradition.

// Love life for love of one another, not in fear of laws and obligations. Amen.

// Check out Starfish Throwers, a documentary, and be inspired!

// “Before the Throne of God Above.” Could the band do this some Sunday? [Thanks for the recommendation.]