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Hi Five Oakers, Here's my sermon from last weekend in 10 tweets: Inside Out: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, “Galatians and the Story of God” (Galatians 1:1-9)

Battle of Cedar Creek reenactment 10/21/12 - Confederate Cannon 1// You can never move beyond the gospel; you can only go deeper into it.

2// From time to time kids need to hear “because I said so.” We need authority within God’s boundaries.

3// Gerstner: For salvation “all you need is nothing. But most people don’t have it.”

4// If you live all of life in Satan’s realm (by his values) but depend on a prayer you prayed to save you…you’re not a Christian.

5// This is a battle with an evil power. You can’t do this alone.

6// They’re not just discarding a principle; they are deserting a Person.

7// The gospel is the message of what a personal, engaged & active God did to save us and is doing to transform us.

8// God’s Word trumps everything. It trumps all other authorities.

9// Warning Sign: Failure to look at whole counsel of God in his Word. “Tomorrow’s freedom is today’s surrender.”

10// Warning Sign: Elevation of disciplines of grace to essentials of grace.

Here’s the link to the TED Radio Hour Program I referred to:

What we have is a combination of anarchy and public paralysis. There's this fetish with rules that has kind of replaced morality. Phillip Howard