Story of God Participant Responses

Here are some of the responses from our just completed winter Story of God session. Each session begins with supper where we eat and fellowship with our small group. Then we have about 45 minutes of discussion based on the previous week's reading and a lecture that pulls it all together. NEXT STORY OF GOD SESSION: Sundays, 9:15am, Room 101, 9 weeks. Email me if you would like a link to register. Limited to 21 participants.

// This was my first structured Bible study and small groupI am eager to continue these connections and practices.  I enjoyed being able to talk openly about God, the bible and my life.

// I had all of these 31 years of Bible knowledge in my head but had trouble making sense of it as a whole.  Getting into the big timeline and full picture was so neat.

// First time in a long time since I spent scheduled time in prayer and Bible reading outside of church.  Also helped in getting my wife and I the opportunity to study together.

// I am more excited and motivated to continue studying.

// The structure/routine of this study helped me commit and be accountable.  I appreciate the picture/symbols to help guide me, and I’ve used it to share with others and as a reference for myself.  I am excited to read the Bible now!