More Story of God Responses

Here are a few more participant responses from our winter session: // The church sermons are more relatable, too with the knowledge of the background story.

// I wanted to see God with the eyes of a child.  To see Him like I did when I first gave my heart to Him.  There have been moments when I have felt that rush and that intimacy, that purity of Spirit.  But God took things a different way.  The relationship matured and became an older intimacy, more like a marriage.

// My knowledge of the Bible was minimal and I feel my learning exceeded what I was hoping to take away. ...I’m excited to share my knowledge with our son as he gets older, and begin his introduction to the Bible at a young age.  Thank you so much. This class was tremendous!!

// It brought me back into God’s word.  I missed it.  I did not realize how much.  I hope to continue on my journey and growth.  I realize how I need others.

// Understanding how it all fits together is exciting and faith building and also gives me more confidence when I’m questioned about why I believe.