Monday Memo

Here are the comments and questions from the Communication Cards from last weekend's service: // The message today was very powerful. You could see his passion throughout his sermon. I’d like to hear him preach more often.

// Great message Vince. Thank you for the challenge.

// Great worship music! Nathan did awesome!

// The young musicians in our church totally rock. Great message as always, Vince. I’ll pray for your ministry. Want to know more.

// An affirming message for me – gave me encouragement that I am in the place God wants me in. I’ve been feeling so tired and ineffective, yet I do count. Gave a focus of hope for Christ-followers.

// Thanks Vince. Powerful message – for women too!

// Love the new set! [I can't wait to see it myself.]

// Opening songs hard to follow/sing. Response set was great!

// Thank you for the incredible message today. So grateful for Vince’s surrendered heart and life.

// Who was the speaker today? [Vince Miller]