10 Tweets

Here's last weekend's sermon in 10 Tweets - Elijah Week 1 - "This is a Test," 1 Kings 17: Exam

1//God goes to work on us before he does a work through us.

2// Will you say what he calls you to say?

3// Speaking the truth isn't about being rude or insensitive.

4// When starting a tough conversation, share your misgivings.

5// Will you trust him when he doesn't meet your needs?

6// Did you marry God for his money?

7// Will you share from your scarcity?

8// Will you trust me now with what you've got?"

9// If you don't trust God now with what you have, you won't trust him when you get more. More by itself never builds trust.

10// Passing the tests is about trusting God. Jesus passes the tests. Then he dies for our failures. You can trust a God like this.