Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, Here are the comments from Communication Cards this past weekend:


  • The music was “worship” full today. Sermon was full of solid, meaty, spiritual training. Amazing. [Yes, Tim, Libby and the team led us so well!]
  • Amen.
  • Great words Tim! Thank you for this message.
  • Libby and gang, beautiful worship set – thank you for your service. Great message Tim. Great reminder that trying vs training/ will power us, habit will not get us there; and the value of it at the end. Loved the first duet during the response song “My Heart is Yours”, Nate and Libby.
  • I loved the first song during the response.
  • Great sermon today – powerful preaching! Treating yourself to Chipotle!! Go for double meat.
  • Awesome worship today! Acoustic hymn time in the future.
  • 7/52. 7 weeks. I’ll change to online next week. [Way to go on your goal of 52 weeks in worship!]