Monday Memo

Hi Five Oakers, I have a few things I want share with you today:

Here’s the video from the weekend. Thank you, Lehns, for sharing your story.

[FOR] - Lehn Family from Five Oaks on Vimeo.

Here’s a selection from your comments, observations and questions from the weekend Communication Cards.

  • So fun to be back.  Scott & Kate Teece [Great to see you guys!]
  • Thank you for putting outline for notes in bulletin. Saves me from running to get one! [Just one more week of that. Sorry.]
  • Thank you for the daily text message – great reminder.
  • Love you Lord, Love this church! The worship is fantastic, the messages always outstanding and the spirit of God is here! I love the “For” series and campaign. It has really challenged me to live with my hands open to give freely, because I don’t own it anyway and I trust God and know he will give back in ways unknown. How can we not love a God who has given so much including His son? Henry, loved the analogy to your neighborhood gang. It made the story come alive.
  • Enjoyed the service so much today. Thank you for bringing me back to my neighborhood, anytime something can stir up memories of my childhood neighborhood brings me pure joy. Thank you for your message.
  • I am so grateful to the rag team group of people for Five Oaks because of them MY LIFE has been changed forever! Thank you, Henry, for speaking to our hearts and for challenging us. I commit: wherever I am whenever I am able, I will reach out to whoever I can, however possible!
  • I really like the ragtag insight and am pleased to be a part of it. Thank you for pushing us to grow spiritually with the “whoever” and “however” commitment.
  • Great message, thank you for so clearly sharing God’s word to us Henry! Great worship experience, thank you team!
  • “Always” was exceptional.
  • Song – Jesus your name is power..was moving. Well done worship team!
  • Thank you for the gluten free communion! I’ve just had to give up gluten.
  • As part of our capital campaign (For) have we considered increasing our outreach? Seems like a great opportunity to make this aspect of Five Oaks even more powerful. Expanding His reach. [Yes. Part of the campaign money goes to staffing that will help us become more effective at outreach. In addition to that, after having spent the last three years or so working on what we call the “meal” we serve at Five Oaks (that is, our discipleship plan/process) and, more recently, working on the “presentation of the meal,” our number one priority is to become better at inviting people to the meal. If you missed my sermon from August 10 on the “Meal”, I encourage you to check it out: audio or video. And the next series and our Christmas services are perfect to invite someone to come and “eat.”]

Thanks for all your comments and questions.


Pastor Henry