Mid-Week Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

There are several things I want to share with you today.

#1– Get a recap of the weekend services with highlights of our prayers, readings and songs here.

#2 – Come see over 35 people from your church community get baptized this weekend on the waterfront at Hudson. We’ll worship together then head down to the water. I’ll be preaching from Exodus. Interesting tie-in between baptism and this week’s passage.

#3 – 99 registered for the Summit! I’m extremely proud of our church for taking time off from work to attend this kind of event in such large numbers. Amazing!

#4 – Jackhammering and pouring concrete all week at the Five Oaks building entrance.

#5 – Here’s a comment we received back from the cards we send to first-time guests:

7/15  No one came over to talk to me.  The greeters greeted me as I came in, but that is all.  Very unfriendly church.  I sat there alone for half an hour after eating my sundae, no one even smiled at me.  I only was there because I came with a friend.  She had to leave for a while, and no one was friendly at all. [I'm truly sorry, and I’m confident we’ll do better next time if you give us a chance. We don't get this kind of response very often. And I know all of us that read this are thinking, ‘Was I too preoccupied to notice someone new by themselves.’ Thank you for the feedback. It will help make us more aware.]

#6 – Here are most of your comments from the Communication Cards:

  • Maybe I’m looking in wrong place, but it seems like video podcasts aren’t uploaded in a timely manner.  If I’m traveling and miss a message, my hope is to view it online BEFORE the next message in the series.  So far I’m unable to do this. L  Amen, Tim!  Great preaching!  Great message and stories! “Tim, you can do it!” I’ve needed that, too.  Asked God and he answered “You can do it – because I will give you the strength that you need.” [I love that you do this! We have some staff transition and part of the areas effected are the podcasts. We're working on getting it fixed asap but the audios are up and running every week.]
  • Worship team was great! [You’re not kidding! I was blown away. So, so thankful for the team and Dan’s leadership. And I especially loved that five out of the six songs were lead by team members (Nathan, Libby and Kara) with excellence.]
  • Powerful & encouraging teaching today! [I got to hear it twice. Tim did an incredible job. I'm so thankful for our church to hear from Tim regularly and for the fact that when I'm gone, we don't miss a beat.]
  • Loved singing Rock of Ages!  Thank you Tim for the reminder, at a difficult point in my life, that God is in control! 
  • Where is the new music director? I though he was coming after July 4. [Jeremy starts in September, but be sure to check out this post.]
  • Worship team vocalists – thanks for you genuine model of powerful worship at the end of the service with ‘The Greatness of Our God’. 
  • Awesome worship from beginning to end!
  • Disappointed that blue spotlights were shining on audience during sermon again. [Drat!]
  • Tim, great job with the message!  Thank you for sharing with us.  Great job worship team!  Love the new song! [Love, love, love the new song too!]
  • Loved the opening song  - great job soloists!  Great job Kara! [Hauntingly beautiful.]
  • Beautiful reminders, Tim.  Thank you.  Loved the marathon story. [So funny and to the point.]
  • I really needed your message, Tim.  Thanks. 
  • Love, love the new song!
  • Phenomenal opening duet!  Beautiful, powerful.  Great opening worship set gang.  Really appreciate your hearts and God-given talents.  Thanks for repeating the opening song – fun! [Yes, I love it when the new song is repeated.]

See you at the river!

Blessings to all of you, Pastor Henry