Failure to Launch

Tony Morgan is one of my favorite bloggers and he recently wrote a post to young adults about fulfilling their dreams. Here are the main points. Go here to read the whole thing and see what he says about each practice. Really good stuff!

10 Simple Practices to Help you Experience Your Future Dreams

  1. Get responsible while you’re still at home.
  2. Get a job while you’re in high school. Any job.
  3. Get a degree, but don’t leave with a lot of debt.
  4. Get an internship while you’re in college.
  5. Get a real job when you graduate.
  6. Get married to someone who shares your values and dreams.
  7. Get a savings account instead of a car.
  8. Get off your phone and into action.
  9. Get a mentor.
  10. Get disciplined about doing the next right thing right now.