Mid-Week Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I have a few things I want to share with you.

#1 - Get a recap of the service with highlights of our prayers, readings and songs here.

#2 – Here are your comments from the Communication Cards:

  • Thanks for the message today Henry. Awesome. 
  • I love the pre-service song. I no longer freak out that I’m late but rejoice and feel welcomed to worship. Sorry I’m missing today’s meeting due to work but thank you for the letter this week as a reminder and I feel good about the by-law changes. 
  • Apropos message for me – I just had a show as a tightrope performer. 
  • Loved Henry’s, Mr. Roger’s sweater.  [Just bought another one for my collection from my collection--the Henry Williams Collection at Banana Republic!]
  • Henry, love the car analogy! Thanks for another great and impactful message. Your gift is explaining complex things in a simple meaningful practical way – thanks for sharing this gift with me. Looking forward to the lighting station returning. 
  • Great service! 
  • Henry, thank you for the message today! I thought I understood this parable, but you brought a clarity and depth to it that totally opened my eyes! Fantastic message. 
  • Great worship set. Loved the Twinkie transition to our question of the week. Wow, what a fantastic message – thanks Henry. Loved the soloist after the message – praise God. Loved the closing – “Oh Happy Day”. 
  • Loved the explanations of the way our service is set up – it was very clear for new people, (I think). And I love the new tables that communion is on.  [I’m particularly happy with the explanation this week. I’m building it on the feedback from people at 10-Minute Connect and our members.]
  • I loved your message, Henry.
  • Great music! 
  • I miss the drama skits! 
  • Everyone who adopts a child goes through a decision making process accessing the kind of risk you discussed this morning; the God risk.
  • Served at “Good in the Hood”, partner of Union Gospel, with my family serving needy families with groceries and serving a meal. Stomachs were filled, larders prepared for a holiday and smiles given freely. God  was glorified and His love shared. 
  • Henry, you preach to the (your) right and make comments to your left. Try reviewing it – I notice it. [That’s because those people on the right need preachin’ at. Actually, good catch. I’ve been thinking about mixing it up a bit by putting my table on the right side. I wonder if that will make a difference. Not sure how else I could catch myself in the act or retrain myself. I haven’t looked yet, but I’m guessing you’re right.]

#3 - Here’s the message in 10 Tweets—Luke 19:11-27, “Risk Assessment.”

  1. This passage is about assessing the risk of investing your life for God & his purposes…& the riskiness of not risking for God.
  2. Be careful about what you risk your life on.
  3. The citizens who hated him drop from view until the last verse in one quick Columbo move… “one more thing…slaughter them”
  4. There is grace in the warning (still have time) & outcome (get what they want, out from under God's grace/rule).
  5. There’s nothing safe about playing it safe. We will be held account for how we invest our one life in God’s mission or not.
  6. Buchanan-We're well schooled that certain kinds of people don't inherit the K of G: wicked…rage fiends…Less prepared 4 who J adds: cautious
  7. Risking for God is not about being a risk-taker. Jesus affirms effort—ANY effort.
  8. Buchanan-Our theology determines our destiny…generous/gracious/kind God…do likewise…angry/demanding/miserly…do likewise
  9. Gilbert –“My son’s trust was never in his own ability…It was in his father’s promise: “Come on kiddo. Jump. I promise I’ll catch you.”
  10. When J says “slaughter them,” it’s metaphorical (points to final judgment). But Jesus was literally slaughtered (the Lamb of God) for us.

#4 – Here’s a question from the sermon:

Q - If people get what they want in judgment, does that mean those who want a wrathful God will get one? 

A – Not sure what you mean, but I think I need to qualify my statement a bit. Maybe that will address your question. When I say people get what they want it needs to be qualified: they want to be free of God’s rule in their lives and that’s what they get. They don’t get everything they want. They don’t get happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving! Pastor Henry