Thursday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I have SIX things I want to share with you today.

#1- It’s not too late to change the service you attend this year and not disrupt your kids too much if you have them. Please consider attending the 11am service if you attend on Sundays. The 9:30am is getting way too full and the 11am has plenty of room for you. If you’re an NFL fan, set the DVR and come at 11. You’ll enjoy the game more without having to watch all the commercials. If you don’t have a DVR and you’re an NFL fan, stay with the 9:30am. I know you’ll be checking scores, you'll be miserable and you'll likely be distracted from 11:45 until the end of the service. No, better yet, get a DVR!!!

#2- Have you been to the Five Oaks Facebook page and “liked” it? If not, go here.

#3– Here’s the comment we received from the cards we send out to first time guests.

  • 9/9 There was a great spirit of love as we joined in with the music and the stations.  A wonderful service although somewhat loud music for old ears.

#4- I don’t know if I should share the following with you or not. Oh well, now I guess I have to since I brought it up. Are you filling out your Communication Card when you attend? The Nominations Committee had to eliminate about 25% of potential candidates for the Governing Board, Elders and other elected positions due to low attendance. We don’t want to appoint leaders who aren’t here often enough to even know what’s happening. But we suspect many are here and just don’t fill out their cards every time. I hesitated to tell you because now you might avoid it altogether--to get out of being nominated! You wouldn’t do that, would you? Seriously, though, that’s just one more reason filling out the cards is so important. (BTW, since we only practice “participating membership,” we do remove non-attenders from the membership rolls. We try to make contact, though, to make sure all is okay. We’re not totally ruthless.)

#5- I’m very excited that we’re starting a Young Adult Ministry at Five Oaks. We don’t have a ton of college students or recent graduates in our area (mostly families due to many factors), but I think there is still a need for this. Here’s the announcement. Get the word out.

Young adults, join us for a new group meeting on Thursday nights from 7 - 8:30 starting Sept. 27. Leaders: Paul & Nancy Titus and Paul & Debbie Robbins. Meeting at the Robbins home (9186 Princeton Rd, Woodbury). Contact the church office for more information.

#6 - The first, longer version of the Miles4Meals video is ready. We’ll produce another, shorter one before too long. But if you have time check it out.

Love you all, Pastor Henry