Thursday Memo

Hi Five Oakers,

I have FIVE things I want to tell you about what's coming up.

#1- The worship team is really mixing it up this week: a piano, about 7-8 singers (lots of harmonies) and all hymns. I heard part of the rehearsal tonight and it's great.

#2- I'm combining this week's and next week's passages this weekend because of our River Baptism service next weekend. In this passage (Luke 16) Jesus explains how a religiously devoted person who seems to have it all together can end up in Hades, eternally separated from God. He also explains how to avoid that outcome. Really interesting passage and highly relevant to all of us.

#3- Here are some interesting posts that might interest you (btw, Eric Metaxas is the author of the recent biography of Bonhoeffer):

#4- I'm resuming the Q&A experiment this weekend. If you have a question from the text or from my message, you can email it to me at

See you on the weekend (except for those of you in the small group that's camping, the people out of town, those of you who oversleep...), Pastor Henry