Illiterate and Misguided

I use prayer cards in my personal devotions. It's an idea I got from one of the best books I've ever read on prayer, A Praying Life by Paul Miller. One of those cards is focused on Five Oaks. I don't list immediate needs on it. I don't need to write those down. I have four big prayers. One is for the people who walk through our doors and stay. I pray that they develop a biblical worldview and biblical literacy within three years of joining our church family. I pray this almost every day.

I don't need to review the statistics. Most people today lack a strong, spiritual foundation, including those sitting in churches who are simply hoping for a shot of spiritual adrenaline to keep them going for the next week. They are mostly biblically illiterate and misguided for lack of a biblical worldview. It's why I developed the Story of God series and now the Story of God small group for people who missed the series or were unable to fully engage at that time. And it's why we're offering Five Oaks U courses that help us take the message deep into our hearts and into our lives.

Will you pray with me for this? Will you encourage others to engage in their own spiritual growth? Are you modeling it for others?