Five Oaks "Survival" Manual - The Communication Card (Part 2)

In the last post I showed a typical week of comments and information gleaned from the Communication Cards. Now let me list just a few of the key reasons we ask everyone to fill it out every week.

  • Guests will fill it out if they see everyone fill it out. We get a great rate of return on these from guests and we are then able to communicate next steps with them.
  • If everyone has a program, everyone can indicate for themselves if they have made a first-time decision. We use these cards as our "altar call."
  • We are able to keep our database squeaky clean. That means we save hundreds of dollars each year in postage.
  • It's a quick and easy one-step way for someone to communicate with us (sign up for things, ask for more information, indicate decisions, give us prayer requests, etc.)
  • We are able to pray for our congregation and get the pulse of how our people are struggling. All requests are prayed for by the Elders and most are prayed for also by the prayer team.
  • When someone makes a first-time decision to follow Christ, we are able to follow up with them.
  • We have a constant stream of feedback that helps us continuously improve.