Staff Leadership Team Retreat - Day One

Great day. We started with a group Quiet Time (we'll be doing it every day) where we meditate on the same Scripture, journal, share how God spoke to us, and pray.

Then we spent the morning session reviewing our current ministry year with a special emphasis on celebrating how God has been at work. We also noted some areas of needed improvement. This whole discussion yielded some profound insights on our ministry and new directions we've been going.

Our afternoon session focused on four areas that grew out of focus groups we conducted with about one hundred of our members last weekend (we have three or four more to discuss):

  • Loudness issues in our Woodbury worship center
  • Depth in Children's and Student Ministries
  • The concern that our Response Services and Stations will become routine
  • Communications - More faith stories and celebrating wins as a congregation (e.g., the week after the Feed Event, mission trips, etc.)

I'll try cover some of the outcomes of our discussions and what we're planning to do to address these concerns/issues in future blog post.