Resurrection Weekend Highlights

I want to thank everyone involved in making this last weekend so memorable, starting with the Good Friday service and extending through all five Easter services. And for all of you who served and brought guests, I want you to know that 34 adults and 31 children made first-time decisions to follow Christ!

We had almost 2000 people attend the five services, the largest attendance in Five Oaks' history. It was simply unbelievable that all five services were filled and yet we only had to have overflow seating in the 9:45am service on Sunday. I apologized to one of our members who had to sit in the overflow and he said, "No, that's how we do it in Africa. The members sit in overflow and the guests get the best seats."

Our Good Friday service had a 51% increase over last year. Not sure what was up with that, but I loved it. I didn't do any of the planning and one of our members, Bill Markham, spoke (and did a great job). So I experienced all the elements of the service without knowing what was coming. It was so worshipful and focused and creative. Several people asked me who Dan Lukas was and how much they enjoyed him, and I was able to tell them he is our Hudson Worship Leader. 

It was also fun to have our founding pastor attend one of the services. Unfortunately, I didn't know it until after the service, otherwise I would have pointed him out (which is precisely what he didn't want).

All in all, a wonderful weekend celebrating the resurrection.