Reflections on My Hudson Weekend

I had a great morning of worship on Sunday at the Hudson Campus. It was the first time I preached in person at the theater and I really enjoyed it. Dan Lukas and worship team led us in a great time of worship.

I have to tell you, it really helped me out that we have started to use the seats in the front section. Thanks to all of you who sat in that section (including some Woodbury Campus folks that came to worship with the Hudson Campus). Keep doing it so we can close that gap between the worship leaders and the congregation. There are 75 seats in that front section and I'm sure it has a subconscious detrimental effect on everyone to have that sitting empty.

Our next step is to get some portable, lightweight staging to get the worship leaders up and out of what looks like a pit from the congregation's perspective. This will be coming very soon, and I think we'll all ask, "Why didn't we do this a long time ago?"