First-time Guest Comments (with some of my added comments)

Got quite a few back this week because of the Christmas services. And we agree with the ones who commented on the sound. We had one of the best sound technicians in the Twin Cities working for us for all the services, and he did the best he could with the speaker system they have at East Ridge. All I can say is that the auditorium there is outstanding for most things but not for the speaker system. We'll probably be back at the Woodbury campus next year. We'll need to do more services but there are some distinct advantages to having it at our own campus.


  • Too many examples in sermons – no need – ok to get straight to point.


  • Tim & Cindy were very friendly and informative. While the videotaped sermon was excellent, we’d prefer a live message. We were very comfortable with the Tuesday evening small group. Our EV Free plant church, Grace Church of Sahuarita, AZ also meats in the theatre, is 4 yrs. old, and Five Oaks feels very familiar.


  • The opening song was really deafening. Could you turn the volume down a bit?
  • We sat in the front on Christmas Eve and the music was quite loud, but did enjoy the service.
  • ...I have attended 3 or 4 times and enjoy your community of worshipers. Thank you and your members for your open hearts and respect. If I wanted to be a part of an organized church, it would be Five Oaks. God bless.
  • To end 5 weeks of lessons on Christmas Eve sort of leaves people not knowing what’s going on – if they hadn’t been there before. You should NOT bring up money matters with so many new people – very uncomfortable. Won’t be back.
  • Thought it was different when we didn’t pray the Lord’s prayer during the service.
  • Guests with... – thoroughly enjoyed 2 pm service offered. Enjoyed it all
  • I really enjoyed my experience and the sermon.
  • The beginning worship songs were very worldly in performance (as though it were a rock n roll concert). Not possible to sense the presence of the Lord because there was nothing worshipful about the opening. After that, it was wonderful!
  • We visited Dec. 23rd. Music was extremely loud at the beginning. I felt the message was good but a little too long. Several around me (strangers) made the same comment. The service overall was a blessing. God bless. [I don't usually comment on the comments but I really need to tell Lois to quick telling people sitting around that she thinks I preach too long. :-) Just kidding. I really do appreciate the feedback.]