Down for the Count?

No, I'm not talking about our church finances. I've been holed up all week after having surgery to repair two hernias. It's felt like I'm down for the count after a hard punch to the gut. Thankfully, everything turned out okay and I'll be up and around sooner than later.

As far as our church finances go, I'm confident we'll be okay by the end of year as we all pull together and meet the shortfall. By now most of you are aware that we're projecting a $100,000 shortage in the General Fund and we have canceled the Opportunity Awaits end-of-year campaign.

We faced a similar situation in 2007 and we received the largest end of the year offerings in our church's history. So large that it covered all the shortfall and surpassed it by tens of thousands of dollars. If that happens this year, all extra funds over expenses for the year will go to the Opportunity Awaits projects, including 10% to the Feed My Starving Children Event.

We can do this. It will take some sacrifice on everyone's part to meet the need. But we can do it. Please pray and give and let's make it a record December.