The Next Step in Your Unexpected Adventure?

My guess is that most long-term believers and pastoral staff are not prepared to share their faith in a way that makes sense to an inquirerer. Not because of lack of knowledge, but because of too much knowledge. What comes out becomes too complicated and jumbled. I'm also guessing that most followers of Christ have never been adequately trained to share their faith. I've seen data supporting both guesses, so I'm pretty sure I'm right on both counts.

So, are you ready to share your faith when the moment comes. Specifically, would you be able to simply and concisely articulate the gospel today if it came up in a conversation?

That's what the 2-hour "Sharing Your Faith" seminar is all about on Saturday, December 4 (8:30 - 10:30 a.m.). Practical and hands-on. If you could use some training or a refresher, register now right here.

Here's an outline of what Mark DuVal and I will be teaching:

  • What's your evangelism style (and how can you leverage it)? 
  • Gospel presentation "tools" (stuff you can do on a napkin and some hands-on practice)
  • Helpful resources to share with others who are seeking