First-time Guest Comments

Here are the latest comments we received from the cards we send to first-time guests:


  • Arriving at 9:15, I was rather surprised to see so few people – but that changed by 9:30. The service was beautiful, the music AHHHH!!! What a moving experience. Also liked the front stage AND the initial Jonah water theme and sound. I’ll be back – the Scripture content REAL SOLID!! Thank you!
  • I really enjoyed the worship and the pastor’s sermon. It was shorter but better to focus on a smaller passage to really soak in the fear of the Lord. Thank you!
  • Louder worship music.
  • We visit Five Oaks with our son and daughter-in-law...,and of course our 2 grandchildren – we are blessed by being there, enjoy the preaching. The music is very good only wish the sound expert thinks that “God is hard of hearing”!! Ha ha – keeping the church family in our prayers. Blessings.