Summit Reflections (Part 2)

You made us vomit.

In Hybels' opening session he talked about how important it is to have the right people working with you as you move people from here to there. You need a great team around you. So he asked us to imagine getting a text right now telling you that a staff member has resigned. He said you will probably have one of three reactions:

  • Relief.
  • Deep disappointment. You know this person is going to be really hard to replace.
  • You will read it, reread it, run into the lobby, and vomit.

Hybels said he and his leadership team combed the names of their staff determining which ones are in the third category. Then they met with them and told them that they made them vomit. Of course, they explained what that means. They also said, "We're hoping you want to be here for a long time and we want to develop you to the fullest potential. Tell us what you need to succeed and what you think needs to be fixed so you can fix it."

Declaration: Make the Board and the congregation vomit. (Be that kind of pastor to our congregation.)

Declaration: Tell the high impact people around me (staff, volunteers and sacrificial givers) how much I appreciate them, how much they mean to me and how important their ideas and concerns are to me. Then listen!