(Don't miss the pictures below.) Every year our soon-to-be seventh graders get kidnapped*** at an event for the Kid's Rock ministry (5th-6th grades). [***Please don't mention the kidnapping to your kids. It's a secret. I'm pretty sure most pre-teens don't read my blog, but if you're one of them that do, don't tell anyone about this.] It's their introduction to Student Ministries and the kidnapping and all-night party is run by student and adult leaders. Here's how the evening started at the KidsROCKIN' Bonfire Event.

Hi Henry,

We had a great event tonight.  Over 40 kids and leaders hung out at the campfire behind Five Oaks.  Justin led us in worship and we enjoyed s'mores and building community.  The students were challenged to shine like stars as they enter school this next year.  I dared them to choose to follow Jesus and be a light to those around them.  I'm attaching photos for you.  First two photos are at the campfire.  The third one is the incoming 7th graders signing the artwork that is being hung in the KidsROCK room.  Final photo is lighting candles as the students dared to make a commitment to shine for God in the year ahead.

Coolest moment: The weather, though really humid, was clear and the sunset was absolutely amazing.  As 8:00 p.m. approached, the sky darkened and by 8:10 the parents had picked up all their kids.  At 8:15 p.m., pouring rain came down!  It couldn't have been better orchestrated.