In preparation for my upcoming series on 1 Peter, I've been memorizing the first chapter. I've done Bible memorization during certain periods of my life, especially when as a kid to win prizes in VBS or Sunday school. This is one of a few times that I've done this kind of memorization, consecutively through a chuck of text. It's been spiritually invigorating for several reasons:

  • The only way I can memorize it, since memorization doesn't come easy for me, is to understand the logic and flow of the passage in greater and greater depth.
  • The more I understand the flow and get the content down, the more I begin to look at life through the lens of the passage. In verse 6, Peter writes, "So be truly glad." Why? Because of all that leads up to that point. It's incredible and gives perspective. And I've got it in my head.
  • But it also goes deeper into my heart. The more I understand the passage and get it down, the more I worship. It leads to worship. Can't help it.
  • It's summer, a great time to break from routines. By the end of the summer I'll be craving my older routines and I'm refreshed.