Twitter and Facebook

I'm in Haiti and I'll try to do a couple of posts this week, but most of the time I'll be posting Twitter and Facebook. You can see my Twitter posts on the right side of my blog page.

We have a few more than 25 pastors. The earthquake and rainy season kept lots of them away. A few more will make it tomorrow.

Trent Redmann (pastor of Valley Creek Church) and I are leading a seminar on "Bible Study Methods." We got a late start today so only Trent taught. I lead a couple of sessions tomorrow morning starting at 9am.

Our interpreter is living in a tent on the orphanage grounds with his family. His church where he is an associate pastor collapsed in the earthquake with 250 people in it. Twelve died. He's going to show it to us on Sunday morning on the way to the airport and the soccer field where they now meet under a tent.