Easter Weekend Reflections


Great Easter weekend! Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who made it possible. You served so well and made our church so welcoming. I'm still amazed how well our attendance was on Saturday, making more room on Sunday for guests, and that everyone fit into our 9:30am service at Woodbury. Thanks to all of you for helping out in this way.

Here are some numbers that represent people:

  • 32 first-time decisions in our worship services and Children's Ministry. 
  • 94 letters to first-time attenders. That's households! Way to go on getting the word out.
  • 1687 people attended our Easter services.

If you missed it, you can catch it on iTunes or our website. Some powerful videos in there to see.

We also had a very simple but powerful Good Friday service. The pounding of nails into the cross while we were worshiping was unnerving (and that's not a bad thing). I'm always amazed that David and our worship arts teams can pull off all they do on that weekend...and with such grace and quality. Amazing! 

Please pray for a few things right now as you read this:

  • The first steps of those who made first-time decisions.
  • The launch of our new Biggest Loser series, that many guests will come back and that marriages will be transformed.

Thanks for all you do. We are a team. I love you and appreciate your ministry.