Quarterly Survey Results (Winter 2010)

Here are the results of our second quarterly survey of this ministry year (our year starts in September). The numbers in parenthesis from our first quarter results.

  • Volunteer participation in a Five Oaks ministry:  66% (66%)
  • Volunteer participation outside of Five Oaks:  18% (7%)
  • Invited someone to Five Oaks in the last three months:  55% (58%)
  • Read and reflected on Scripture daily (at least five times per week):  53% (60%)
  • P.E.A.C.E. participation since September:  75% (80%)

My Observations:

  • I think our volunteer participation is good and I'm glad it held steady.
  • I'm very glad to see that volunteering outside Five Oaks is up. We really have done little (way too little) to encourage this.
  • I'm surprised that the percentage of people who invited someone isn't up given that we had the big push in December. My gut says that it was worth the push, but the numbers suggest very few people who normally don't invite entered into the fun. On the other hand, inviting isn't everyone's evangelism style. People get the word out for Christ in different ways. But I still think we can do more to grow in this area.
  • The PEACE participation number is odd since it goes back to September. People may not be getting that fact and only looking back at the quarter. Not sure. In any case, we like to see that up to 80% by the end of the ministry year.