Haiti Update from GVCM President

Here is an update from our partner, GVCM (I've highlighted some points in bold).

God has been working in marvelous ways Haiti the last two weeks. The earthquake has created more need for a country already hurting and begging for help. If you have read the newspapers or watched the news you have seen a small tip of the horrific scenes Yves and the rest of the staff in Haiti have been living through. Thank you for your prayers, your concern and your gifts to help us meet the needs of those that we are able to touch. God has seen us through some tense situations and continues to provide for needs through the efforts of many people and groups. We still have many challenges in front of us and will need many more to step up as opportunities arise.

We are still sorting out what our needs are and how we will be able to serve and help as many individuals as possible in Haiti but honestly things change every day and we are trusting God to lead us into partnerships and to those that we can help the most. Here are some of the things that are in process:

  • 12 Orphans were taken from Haiti to Miami to Oklahoma City where families from Cherokee Hills Christian Church are caring for them as adoptions are finalized. CHCC member Belinda Lechtenberg flew to Haiti and helped bring the children to America. Thanks Belinda!
  • There is a possibility more orphans will come to America. Yves is working to help it happen.
  • The Haitian Government at this point is only allowing out true orphans that have no other relatives and that have already started the adoption process. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWING any other children out at this time. If this changes, GVCM will do everything we can to help find homes for the children that come under our care.
  • God blessed us by providing a quick exit from Haiti for two America mission teams that were in country when the earthquake hit. Thanks to Yves and to Mike Mularoni for their quick action.
  • Food has been received from numerous sources including the Dominican Republic.
  • This week we purchased an $8,000 generator to help keep food refrigerated at the orphanage and power for the necessities including communication technology needs.
  • We still need a 75kw ($50,000) generator to run the entire plant at the orphanage.
  • A doctor and EMT were able to reach the orphanage last week.
  • A group of nurses from the Portland area are flying this coming week to the Dominican Republic and then going by land to Fedja. Pray for their safety.
  • Many are trying to help and it is all appreciated. Please direct your inquires to the GVCM office and Tyler Wright, Director of Development for GVCM. He will answer or redirect your questions to the right people.
  • We are working on hosting a summit meeting with supporting churches and individuals to discuss some of the possibilities for helping in Haiti. Please stay in touch and when a few more details are worked out we will contact those on our mailing list and our supporters and friends.

Please pray for Yves and the staff in Haiti as well as the people that are suffering there. The need is great and we can help so much by just giving our surplus, not to mention sacrificial gifts. Please encourage your friends and churches to make special gifts to GVCM and it will all b e used to take care of hurting people. You may give either on line at www.gvcm.org or send checks to:

PO Box 75158
Wichita, KS 67275

Thank you so much for praying and giving to the Haitian people through GVCM,

David Davolt, President GVCM