Woodbury Bulletin Talks to Family Member

The Woodbury Bulletin just ran an article online that includes a conversation with Amy Schwartz. Her husband Jeff is on the Haiti team. They included a picture from one of his previous trips. Here are some highlights. You can read the whole article here.


UPDATED: Local church members were in Haiti when earthquake struck, trying to get home

Eleven volunteers from Five Oaks Community Church who are in Haiti on a mission trip to assist with an orphanage project are safe, but are trying to get home after a 7.0 earthquake hit the country on Tuesday Jan. 12.

By: Amber Kispert, Woodbury Bulletin  

...Five Oaks Community Church has been sending its members to help construct the orphanage on an ongoing basis since 2005.

Amy Schwartz, the wife of one of the volunteers, said she didn't even know about the earthquake in Haiti until she received a phone call from a close friend of her's Tuesday night.

"I didn't really panic at first," she said. "But I panicked when I heard seven."

Schwartz's husband Jeff has been a volunteer for the Haiti project for the past four years.

Schwartz said she experienced a sense of anxiety and panic until she heard word that her husband, and the rest of the volunteers were safe.

"The miracles that have happened and the people who have come to me for support are just amazing..."

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More on this story will be available in the Wednesday, Jan. 20 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin.