One of My Favorite Rituals

Once per month, for many years now, I meet with two pastor friends for breakfast. Took this picture on my iPhone on the way in to our meeting last week. It's Gorman's in Lake Elmo.

I love meeting with these guys. It's been fun and spiritually uplifting. We help each other stay sane in the pressures of everyday ministry. We've been through a lot together. And on a morning like the one in which I took this picture, I felt so thankful to have these guys in my life. It was cold and snowing and dark at 7 a.m.--the very things that make people hate living in the northern regions--but I loved everything about it. It was truly beautiful, warm and inviting.

I hope you have some good rituals in your life you look forward to. If not, maybe it's time to develop some.