Haiti Update

Just a little news from Haiti. Young Mike Mularoni in Louisville sent this update to me earlier today:

Just heard from my Mom.  She and my Dad are presumably with Yves are in PAP but the team is still at the orphanage.  We got cut off but she is pretty overwhelmed by all the death in the streets.  ...Sherri's [Thacker, from Oregon] team is safe and sound in Fedja.  We're trying to pull a team together and get supplies.  I'm working on medical here in Louisville.  Let you know when I know more...

Mike also told me that the orphanage has electricity and water. The nearby dam is functioning and may not have sustained much damage as far as he knows (I took the picture below from the dam a couple of years ago).

We are getting the names of the team members to the State Department through Michele Bachmann and John Kline's office. They want names of all Americans in Haiti for possible evacuation. We will also contact the State Department regarding evacuation information, and then stay in contact with them and with American Airlines.