Haiti Partnership Update

Here is a portion of a communication sent out by Mike Mularoni. I've highlighted a few points.

WHERE SHOULD WE GO FROM HERE? Instead of following a routine of obvious actions and decisions, we should pray in all our ways that He may direct our paths into His ways (Prov 3:5-6). This will give us new reactions and meaningful attitudes towards this situation.

  • GVCM has successfully evacuated 12 orphans to Oklahoma City and Kansas. I believe all the kids in the attached photo I took on Friday the 8th are now here along with Jackson and a few others PRAISE GOD!

#1 Photo

  • Pray that the rest of the orphans to be evacuated and start praying for those new orphans God would have come to Fedja;
  • Pray for Pastor Yves leadership, safety, and protection as he is in-country directing GVCM;
  • Pray for Pastor Yves spouse, Samathe and his two sons in Port St. Lucie Florida as he is away;
  • Pray for our GVCM staff and their families during these trying times;
  • Pastor Yves picked up an additional 1600 pounds of food from Feed My Starving Children through Worldwide Villiage (Randy and Pat Mortenson);
  • We have ordered 500 gallons of diesel fuel from the DR;
  • Pray we find a way to get our container currently in Port-au-Prince that was ready to come out at the time of the quake (all the Government Buildings were destroyed);
  • Pastor Yves is looking to purchase a used 20kw diesel generator from the Wozo;
  • We are putting together another container in Minnesota to ship by rail when ready;
  • GVCM/FOCC is tentatively planning a work crew for the third week in February to work in Fedja on the wall, orphanage, and deaf school (old orphanage building);
  • PLEASE SEND ALL YOUR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, AND NEIGHBORS an urgent request for cash contributions to  www.gvcm.org Earthquake in Haiti GVCM.

If anyone has any ideas, questions, or stories to share, feel free to contact me at mike@gvcm.org or call me at 651-308-2088.

Finally, 2 Corinthians 5:20 tells us "we are Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us". As believers, this makes you and me Christ's ambassadors sent with his message of reconciliation to the world. An ambassador of reconciliation has an important responsibility. We should not take it lightly. I pray that because of your part in our Haitian friends lives either currently or in the past, that you all become ambassadors of Christ on their behalf and represent their new plight to everyone you know.

In His Service,