Eat. Serve. Love.

Got this email from Jenifer Dunbar, our Karen Refugee Ministry Coordinator. The Karen are coming to Five Oaks and they will serve a meal after the Saturday service. But this is also a great opportunity for ministry for you, your family or your small group.

Hi, Everyone.
This is just a quick note to let you know that some of the Karen refugees will be coming to Five Oaks on the weekend of January 30 & 31.  They will be preparing a delicious dinner on Saturday night and singing in all 3 of the Woodbury services.
Please come to the dinner and invite your friends and small group!  We’d love to have a great turnout for the Karen. The Karen Americanize the food so the MN taste buds don’t get fried.
Please also be praying that God would prompt more people to be personally involved with the Karen.  That is the biggest need, the place where the most transformation takes place (for all involved), and the hardest need to fill.  New Karen families are arriving weekly.
Thank you so much for your care and involvement.  I hope to see you on the 30th & 31st!