Developing Your "It Would Take a Miracle" Prayer List

If you are one of the 303 people who have committed to pray for up to ten and invite one to our "It Would Take a Miracle" series in December, here's some help in developing your prayer list. I'll be sending this out later once we are able get our email contact list together (some time next week), but this will give you a head start.

Simply download this file (Download My Network of Influence). This download will help you think through the people in your life. It will be a great place to start in developing your list of up to ten people.

We're also developing a prayer card you can keep in your Bible or tape to your mirror at home as a reminder to pray. We might even have it ready by the weekend. 

If you would like to be counted in this tribe of 300 plus, let me know. And be looking for your emails to start coming next week.

See you this weekend at our 20th Anniversary Celebration services.