Votes Are In for Series 102

Thanks to all of you who voted for on the possible December series. I not only got your vote, most of you gave some great explanations and even suggested some resources I could use, including a movie scene!

The winners were Life's Too Short and It Would Take a Miracle. Life's too short had the most first place votes (nine), but only one second place vote. It Would Take a Miracle received the second highest first place votes (six) but the higest second place votes by far (eight). That means it had 14 votes over all to Life's Too Short's ten overall.

Here are the results (first place votes/second place votes):

  • Life's Too Short - 9/1
  • It Would Take a Miracle - 6/8
  • Pause - 3/4
  • Finding - 1/3
  • Only God - 4/2

I like the total number of votes for It Would Take a Miracle, but I'm leaning toward Life's Too Short given all those first place votes.