Leadership Summit 2009 - Day One (So Far)

We've got a hundred plus folks here from Five Oaks and most of us met during lunch at the off-site Eagle Brook offices. Here are some highlights of what we've experienced:

Bill Hybels - Talked about the rogue waves of life and the opportunities they provided for the church. Pray the Habakkuk 3:2 prayer for God to do today the great acts of power he's done in the past. With the opportunities has come much pressure. He's had to "re-invent adequate replenishment strategies for the new reality."

The second session was a round table on hiring, board meltdowns and firing. Lencioni, Henry Cloud and others were part of the round table.

Gary Hamel--leadership expert, professor and author--talked about the need for change in organizations and the church to meet new realities. The church is losing "market share" out of apathy. We miss the future not because it's unknowable but because it unpalatable to us. Sometimes we're so deep in the rut that we mistake the edge for the horizon.

Tim Keller talked on The Prodigal God. The good son is lost because of his goodness, not in spite of it. Obey God to get more of God, not to get from God. Functionally we live like the elder brother. Signs: (1) Furious when our lives don't go well. (2) Devastated by criticism or react viciously. (3) Most prayers are petitionary. (4) Constantly loathe people because of pride. (5) Can't forgive. When we think, 'Jesus died for me so now I have to live for him,' we'll soon become elder brothers.