On Our Road Trip

Lois and I are on a road trip, enjoying seeing friends and relatives. Some highlights so far include:

  • Paella at my aunt's. Lobster, crab, etc. on rice. Awesome.
  • Seeing my nephew Henry Blake playing ball.
  • Seeing my best man (one of two, my cousin Henry was the other) and his family after about 15 years. We were inseparable in high school (see picture).
  • Seeing Aaron play at Cornerstone (see picture). Wild place. Fun.
  • Lunch at Primanti Bros. in the Strip District in Pittsburgh with the Westurns. The sandwiches were delicious and one of a kind (meat, fries, coleslaw, cheese, tomato). Or was the highlight walking 4.5 miles with them (half of it going up a mountain)! Guess which one.