I'm Desperate for Your Input

I really would love to hear from you on this. I need to hear from you.

Please reply to the email that contains this post or go to the comments and give me you opinion on what will be the 102nd message series I've done at Five Oaks. I'll tell you about series 101 another time, but suffice it to say that it will be through a book of the Bible and run through October and November.

Series 102 will take place in December. It will be three or four weeks long. I want it to be a series to which our congregation can feel really excited about inviting their friends and family. I mean really excited because it speaks to realities of their everyday life.

So please vote on your top two from the following. Give me your first and second choices that most fit the description above and would make sense to do in the Christmas season, without it being overtly about Christmas.

  • Life is too Short - Messages in this series would focus on subjects like life is too short to play it safe, to hold a grudge, to work all the time, to be envious, to be selfish.
  • It Would Take a Miracle - This series would cover topics like it would take a miracle to overcome my past, to change my life, to heal my family, to give me vision, to restore my faith.
  • || (Pause) - Think of the pause symbol on your electronic devices. This series would include topics like pause and think, pause and play, pause and act, pause and learn, pause and connect.
  • Finding - This series would cover topics like finding love, finding peace, finding purpose and finding hope. 
  • Only God - This series would cover topics like only God can heal my hurts, give me vision, bring peace on earth and to my life, fix my family. 

Extra Value Added: Only if you have time, tell my why you like your choices and/or offer some other ideas.