Who is our customer?

Peter Drucker, often called the father of modern management, worked a lot with non-profits and churches in his later years (he died recently in his 90's). One of the questions he posed to them (one of his five primary questions) was, "Who is your customer?" For churches and many non-profits that seems like the wrong question. And on one level it is. As a church, you certainly don't want to think of who you serve as your "customer." But the question is supposed to make you think and focus and be more intentional.

So, let's change it for a moment: "Who do we serve as a church?" Drucker encouraged folks to be very specific and to prioritizre, since too broad of an answer will inevitably lead to lack of focus and intentionality. For instance, while we care for and love the people of Oshkosh, WI (since my son goes to school there, right), do we serve the people of that town? Maybe to a degree. But does that town make our top five priority list?

So, since the staff leadership team is working on this quesiton this week (as we continue our ministry planning), you can help us.

Who is the primary person/group we serve?

Who is the secondary person/group we serve? (List no more than five and the list must be in terms of priority.)