Top 10 Apps NOT to Buy for Mom

I'm going to be talking about an iPhone/iPod Touch app in my message this weekend so I came up with this list I really can't use in my message. I thought I might, as I developed it. But it really doesn't fit. But I'm not going to let it go to waste.

If your mom has an iPhone or iPod Touch, do NOT get her one of these apps.

10. Body Sound Machine - Okay, you're getting the idea why this doesn't fit in my message. My only comment is that I'm not saying this would not be a great app to buy, it's just that your mom would not appreciate its greatness.  I have a picture of this one but it uses words we didn't allow our kids to use until they were about eight, so you'll have to look it up.

9. The Moron Test – Currently #1 paid app in iTunes.


8. Hangman – Way too scary, unless your mom is into goth. Some of the younger moms might be.


(The next two are really not good for teens to buy for their moms)

7. Lie Detector - Actually, you should have nothing to hide and you shouldn't lie (not even a little bit). Plead the fifth when she asks if you like that girl or guy, but don't lie.


6. Annoy-A-Teen - Makes high pitched, irritating noise that most adults can no longer hear (or so it claims).


(These two would not be good for Mother’s-in-law if you want peace)

5. Ouch! - Especially if you put your mother-in-law's picture on this rag doll (something you can do with this game). The rag doll gets thrown around to see how much damage it can cause.


4. Face Melter - Ditto with putting your mother-in-law's picture in here. And you wouldn't want her doing with your face either, so avoid this app.


3. Kitty Kannon - Not if you mom likes cats. Shoot the cat from the canon and it lands and gets eaten by various carnivores.


2. Annoyance - Same as number Annoy-A-Teen, but applies to all ages.


1. Meth Faced – Actually you could get this for your own iPhone if Mom doesn’t have one. Put your own picture in there, show mom what could have been and then apologize for forgetting to get a gift. (Unfortunately, this is the only one on the list that you can’t actually buy.)