Identity: Forgiver 2


Sobering parable. I know it well, but it still moves me when I read it again. God forgives us our many sins against him. And he is perfect. And we choose not to forgive sins against us. And we are not perfect. Our sins, compared to God's holiness, are huge. Others' sins against us, compared to our own righteousness (our track record), are small. Yet we dare withhold forgiveness!

My pray, reflecting on this parable, focused on questions arising from this passage and on lack of forgiveness in some cases. I need, more than anything, to see my own sins and God's holiness more clearly. I need to be more realistic. I need to grow in grace.

This reading has a lot in common with my Disciples Essentials lesson this week. Here's a quote from the reading portion of this week's preparation:

Karl Barth once said that religion is not the fruit of humanity's pursuit of God but hte product of our repression of the trauma caused by the holiness of God. Adam hid from God--and people since have continued to do so.

And here's a note from the ESV Study Bible regarding the king's treatment of the unmerciful servant:

A transformed heart must result in a changed life that offers the same mercy and forgiveness as has been received from God (cf. Is. 40:2 ). Someone who does not grant forgiveness to others shows that his own heart has not experienced God's forgiveness. Throughout Scripture, the heart refers to the center of one's being, including one's reason, emotions, and will.