Day Eighteen: 21-Day Easter Challenge


Jesus is on the side of truth and leads us into truth. Trouble is, I don't always want to know or hear the truth. I'm not exaggerating. I don't want to hear it because it's not always complementary of me (I guess I'm overly desirous of complements!). I don't because sometimes I despair of not being able to change. I don't want to hear the truth because some changes are really hard. Sometimes, when it comes to my own needed changes, I'd like for everyone to just get along and put up with me. But God shines the light and I can scurry into the darkness or stand in it, letting him bring change, as frustrating or painful as it may be.

Yesterday, in an ongoing leadership training meeting for our full-time staff, Mike Kirley referred us to the steps we go through when we get feedback about needed change. I may not get it exactly right, but they include surprise, anger (frustration, hurt, discouragement...), recognition and the last one is acceptance or action (I can't remember, but you get the idea). That's the common reaction to hearing truth about a needed change. I'd add that even as I begin working on the needed change, I go through all four steps repeatedly on the journey.

So that's what I reflected on from listening to John 18 as it intersects with my life. And my prayer today, growing out of that reading, focused on that as well.